Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Cathedral was originally built out of stone in 1872. However, it was destroyed in 1890 by an earthquake. The cathedral took 6 years to rebuild, and was built out of wood. Over the years, particularly following the Revolution in 1917, the structure has been used as an educational center, housing a school, ladies gymnasium, an institution of higher education, a sports hall, a theater, a dance hall and even a coral store. But, in 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence of Kyrgyzstan, the local authorities returned the building back to the church. This beautiful cathedral is definitely worth checking out, and is located in the city center (just a short walk away). You are welcome to enter the church at any time, although it is recommended that you dress appropriately and do not disturb those in prayer. Please note that photography is not allowed in the church. In addition to the beautiful church, feel free to spend time in the surrounding gardens. Out here, you are welcome to take photographs and enjoy the stunning flowers and beautiful exterior.

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