Other than being your base for exploring natural beauty in the area, Karakol town has something unique and interesting to offer travelers. Let our staff help give you information about all the ways you can experience the local charm of this frontier city.  Karakol offers a few  historical sites and places of interest worth seeing! Below are some of our favorites, click them for more info!

Also check out these other great attractions!

Przhevalsky Museum

If you’re heading to Issyk-Kul Lake‘s Pristan beach, make a stop at the Przhevalsky Museum. The museum is located around 1km before the beach, and worth the small detour. The site offers an interesting shrine-like Przhevalskyi garden. But the main attraction here is a small, well-presented museum dedicated to Nikolai Przhevalsky, the Russian explorer who died in Karakol in 1888, and for whom Karakol was once named. After entering through a neo-Greek portal, there’s a giant map of his travels around the world (note the imaginative rendering of Senegal). Many photos, maps and mementos have English captions, but there’s no overarching explanation of his life. Amid the taxidermy, is a stuffed white Przewalski horse, the breed for whose ‘discovery’ the explorer is best known in the west.

Karakol Zoo

This small local zoo is located in a shady spot of town. It’s animals range from farmyard animals to llamas, wolves, bobcats and most notably, Przewalski horses. Interestingly, it has a fair selection of locally endangered fauna, bears, wolves and bobcats.