20170308_104952Karakol is not particularly known for it’s shopping, but we do think the markets in town have something special to offer. There are two main outdoor markets in Karakol that are open every day. Each is within walking distance of the hostel. Tourists tend to find them more relaxed and authentic than markets in Kyrgyzstan’s bigger cities. At the markets you’ll be able to find a variety of fruits, veggies, meats, fresh made street food, clothes, shoes, books and much much more.

If you aren’t interested in the hussel and bussel of the bazaar’s, look no further than next door to find all the essentials you may need. Duet Hostel is conveniently located next to a market which has all the essentials including toiletries, food, drinks and even a small selection of souvenirs.image4

If you find yourself coming through Karakol on a Sunday, don’t miss out on the live animal market. Going to the market is truly a unique experience, that will leave you feeling as if you stepped back in time 100 years. Watch people bargain for the best price on their horses, cows, sheep, goats and many other animals!