Jeti-Oguz is a beautiful place just outside Karakol. It is famous for its red rock formations, waterfalls, and valleys. Further up the valley you can link up with other trails that traverse the Tien Shan. To get there you can either take a Marshrutka to the village and walk 2 hrs to the Rocks(or hitchhike), or take a taxi who will drive to the rocks and from there you can hike to the waterfall, explore the valley, walk around the Seven Bulls, whatever your heart desires. The taxi will wait 4 hours (for 1000 KGS).


There is a small village by the rocks, walk behind them on the left to begin hiking into the valley and towards the waterfall. The trail is a dirt road that follows a river and crosses 5 bridges while climbing a few hundred meters in elevation over almost 8 kilometers.

If you took the taxi, you will have 4 hours. It will take almost 2 to get to the waterfall so a decent pace is required. You’ll trek up the valley through some breathtaking greenery with several herds of sheep, horses, and cows. A few locals might offer some horse riding or a yurt stay as you hike (for money of course),