Picturesque Jeti-Oguz gorge is located 28 kilometers to the southwest of the town of Karakol. Its name in Kyrgyz means “Seven bulls” and is symbolic of the 35 km long wall of huge, red-brown cliffs that resemble seven furious bulls standing in file together. At the base of the cliffs are flat mountain slopes, thickly overgrown with grass and pine trees. The “Broken Heart” rock, located at the entrance to the gorge, offers an especially romantic scene. Jeti-Oguz is also famous for its hot springs with radon and hydrogen sulfide-enriched water. At the springhead, where the water emerges from underground at an altitude of 2200 m, there is a resort. The water in these springs is useful for the treatment of rheumatism, as well as gastric and nervous diseases.

Rising higher, you can reach the Kok-Dzhayyk Pass, with wonderful views of the gorge and the Valley of Flowers strewn with poppies. At the upper part of Jeti-Oguz there are also mountain lakes and roaring waterfalls.

There is a small village by the rocks, walk behind them on the left to begin hiking into the valley and towards the waterfall. The trail is a dirt road that follows a river and crosses 5 bridges while climbing a few hundred meters in elevation over almost 8 kilometers. After the 5th bridge take a left path to get to the Kok-Dzhayyk Pass. Once you are in the pass ask locals (you will see a yurt camp where locals host tourists) to direct you to the waterfall.

Address: Jeti-Oguz Valley
Time spent: 1-5 hrs
Entrance: FREE (hike)
*Marshrutka stop is 25 mins walk away from the Duet hostel (2 km)
*Jeti_oguz gorge is 28 km away from the Duet hostel
Please take one of our direction cards at the Reception for Jeti-Oguz for detailed info

Transport: take a shared taxi 100 KGS/one way OR marshrutka №355  30 KGS/one way at the Main Bazar (Torgoev St./Aldashev St.)The first marshrutka is at 10 am and after it departs once it gets full, the last is at 6pm. Marshrutkas and shared taxis take you only upto Jeti-Oguz village and you will have to walk another 11km to the gorge or take another taxi at the village. Bear in mind that marshrutkas and shared taxis from Jeti-Oguz village to Karakol stop running around 4pm.
Private taxi: (for a whole car) 600 KGS one way/return, 100 KGS for each waiting hour if you wish to come back to the city with the same taxi.  

Jeti-Oguz (ENG) – ЖЕТИ-ОГУЗ (RUS)  
Kok-Dzhayyk (ENG)  – КОК-ДЖАЙЫК (RUS)
Waterfall (ENG) – ВОДОПАД (RUS)(“vadapad” – that’s how you pronounce the waterfall in Russian)
Ak-Tilek market / Main bazar (ENG) – АК-ТИЛЕК БАЗАР (RUS)

Highest Point: 2300m Level of Difficulty: Easy
Lowest Point: 2286m Total Hours Hiking: 4 Avg
Total Elevation Gain: 14m Total Amount of days: 1
Total Elevation Loss: 14m Approximate Distance: 8km