How to find us

How to get from Bishkek to Karakol:


Once you exit “Manas” airport get a taxi to the Bishkek Western Bus Station (Западный вокзал RUS). Taxi from the airport to the bus station will cost you 500KGS for a whole car.  

OK, now when you are at the Bishkek Western Bus Station you have 4 options to choose from.

  • Primages_chevrolet_corsa_1996_1ivate taxi (four-seater car)
    Cost –  2500 KGS – 3000 KGS
  • Shared taxi (four-seater car)
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    Cost- 600 KGS – 800 KGS

  • Shared taxi (seven–seater cBlue Minivanar)
    Share with other 6 people
    Cost – 500 KGS – 700 KGS


Either way, if you choose to take a taxi, it should drop you right to the hostel.


  • Marshrutka (white minibus) is the cheapest way to get to Karakol. Marshrutkas start running only from 7:30AM.
    There’s no cheating on price. All you pay for your one way ticket is 350 KGS.
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    Cost – 350 KGS
    Marshrutka leaves you at the Karakol Bus Station to let you to find your way to the hostel.


Journey from Bishkek to Karakol is about 6 hrs. Taxi and Marshrutka will stop midway for a coffee break.

**NOTE: You also can take marshrutka from “Manas” airport to the Bishkek Western Bus station but again it starts running only from 7AM. It is way cheaper than a taxi but less convenient. 

How to get from the Karakol Bus Station to Duet hostel:


So, from the bus station to the hostel you can walk (3km) or take a taxi (70KGS) or take another domestic marshrutka #111 & #110 (10KGS) . If you choose to take marshrutka get off at Karasaev street and walk to the hostel (about 10mins walk).

map:  from Karakol Bus Station to Duet hostel