Enilchek is an old Soviet town used by workers in the Gold Mining Industry. After the fall of the Union and the dissipation of gold, jobs ceased and most people left. Now only a few buildings are used for a military checkpoint and a few local families. Everything else is in ruins. The town itself is not that beautiful, but the journey to get there and the surrounding area is an adrenaline rush. Enilchek is situated towards the southeastern corner on the country. It is remote, beautiful, and feels like a different world from Karakol.

Enilchek-1You need to acquire a permit to visit this area. The road to get there is not easy, quite rough, and can be very dangerous with snow and ice. A 4×4 vehicle is required. The pass will take you up to 4000 meters with many twists and turns. You’ll end up driving near the edge of cliffs several times with no guard rails and beautiful views. It will take approx 3 hours to get from Karakol to Enilchek. There will be very few cars on the road, so you will have much of the area to yourself.

Address: Enilchek village
Time spent: 8-9 hrs
Entrance: FREE, however a permit is required
*Enilchek is over 140 km away from the Duet hostel

Private taxi: (7 seater car) 11 000 KGS return