• open 11am-12pm
• free WIFI

• 107, Prjevalski st.
• tel: +996 554 640 351
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Dastorkon is a little further away from the hostel but it is probably the fanciest restaurant in town and also the most touristy. This is the destination for local families when there is something to celebrate. It is a big place and very well decorated and  has great presentation. The cost is also the highest in town but you can still have a meal cheaper than most western cities.

Zarina foodzarina

• open 9am-11pm
• free WIFI
• Toktogula\Lenina
• tel: +996 778 777 777

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Situated downtown (1.4 km from us) next to Karakol Zarina food reminds you of a ski lodge. It was not very big but looks great with exclusively hardwood furnishings and reto decorations. They have an English menu with breakfast and dessert and everything inbetween. Most of the customers (60%-70%) are visitors and you will notice this in the price but still not outrageous.


• open 9am-12am
• free WIFI
• Lenina 145
• tel: +996 557 547 666

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Right next to Zarina is Diar. This place has a distinctive Middle Eastern vibe from the murals that look like the Arabian Peninsula to the shisha on the menu. Diyar is different from the other places on this list. Although most of clients are local it has an English menu and WIFI. It is a smaller place with good service and cheap prices.



• open 10am-12am
• no WIFI
• Gorkiy (Bugu market)
• tel: +996 555 904 818

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Uiut is a happy medium, good food but still at a reasonable price. They offer a great lunch special with a three-course meal that changes each day for about $1.60 USD (110 SOM). It also has a large beer selection with some selections not seen at other establishments. It is located almost in the bazar and has a nice local vibe. This is where the locals eat when they what a solid meal.