Coffee shops

Fat Cat Karakolfat_cat_duethostel-1

• open 8am-12am (high season)
• 8:30am-11pm (low season)
• free WIFI
• 22, Gagarina st. / Alybakov st.
• tel: +996 777 066 603
☞ direction

Located just 1.1 km from the hostel this relatively new establishment is the best place to start your search for a good Cup of Joe. The clientele is split down and middle with half the patrons being local and the other half visitors. Not a coffee fan? It has a nice selection of beers and almost a full bar. If you are in the mood for western style treats (brownies, cheesecake, cookies, etc.) look no further. The owner speaks perfect English and is active in charitable causes so your money is helping others too.

Karakol Coffeeimg_3048

• open 8am-10pm (high season)
• 10:00am-8pm (low season)
• free WIFI
• 112 a, Toktogul st.
• tel:+996 550 055 579

Located in the heart of the city (1.4 km from the hostel), this former abandoned building has come to life. This is the most touristy cafe in town with the bulk of the customers coming from out of town (60%-70%). It offers a wide assortment of coffee and tea as well as alcohol (beer, wine, and spirits). It boasts a menu of pizza and sandwiches and milkshakes to wash it all down.

Bair coffeeimg_3053

• open 9am-9pm                          
• no WIFI

• 132, Abdrahmanov st.
☞ direction

This coffee house is a little out of the way and slightly hard to find (it’s the white door to the right of the market) but it makes up for it in authenticity and very tasty food. If you want to have a drink with the locals this is your spot. The menu is not in English but all of the baked goods are tremendous so you can’t go wrong. With an estimated tourist crowd of only 5% in the low season (30% in high) the prices are geared towards locals which means savings for you.

Vista Coffee   img_3067

• open 9am-10pm
• free WIFI
• Abrahmanov st./Tynystanov st.
• tel: +996 3922 56287

Vista Coffee, the very new cafe, is also nearby the hostel, just 1 km away from us. Located near a school it is likely crowded shortly before and after classes so best to avoid theses times unless you want to meet Karakol’s students. This place also caters mostly to locals but does feature an English menu with all usual coffee drinks as well as sweets and even a few sandwiches.

Hroom Tea Room  img_3060

• open 10 am-7pm
• free WIFI
• 123 / 79, Abdrahmanov st.

The newest coffee shop is Hroom Tea Room and it offers the typical assortment of teas and coffees and some baked goods as well. What sets its apart is its hip atmosphere with a graffiti and music themed interior decoration scheme and a friendly English speaking staff. Most of the customers to this point have been local but it has the right ingredients to become a tourist hangout in the near future.