Sorry, there’s no exciting information or legend about Ak-Suu. It is just a cute and green place where locals go for hot baths. This trip shouldn’t take a whole day. It may take about 3-4 hours.

Ask the driver to stop at “Ak-Suu Resort” (“АК-СУУ” курорт) RUS. You should see some signs directing to the resort and you can follow these as well. From the place where the marshrutka drops you off at the resort, and even further, is a nice and pleasant walk. It takes between 20-40 mins to reach green hills where you can hike. You do not need to pay to enter. However if you wish to take a hot bath you will have to pay about 100 – 200 KGS. Once you pass the small houses (this is actually part of the resort, where you can have hot bath/thermal water) the small path leads you to hills where you can keep trekking.

Address: Ak-Suu village
Time spent: 3-4 hrs
Entrance: FREE (hike)
*Marshrutka stop is 4 mins walk away from the Duet hostel (400 m)
*Ak-Suu resort is 15 km away from the Duet hostel
Please take one of our direction cards for Ak-Suu for detailed info at the Reception.

Transport: 20 KGS / one way by marshrutka. Take №350 next to the Victory Park in front of the cafe Kench. Bear in mind that marshrutkas from Ak-Suu to Karakol stop running around 5pm.
Private taxi: (for a whole car) 250 KGS one way

Ak-suu village (ENG) – СЕЛО АК-СУУ (RUS)
Ak-suu resort (ENG) – КУРОРТ АК-СУУ (RUS) – (“Kurort Ak-Suu” that’s how you pronounce Ak-Suu resort in Russian)